MDGs and SDGs

The Millennium Development Goals (MDG) were adopted in 2000 and were the UN's vision of a new anti-poverty partnership. The eight main goals set targets for 2015. According to the UN ( "the 15-year effort has produced the most successful anti-poverty movement in history ... Yet the job is unfinished for millions of peopleŚwe need to go the last mile on ending hunger, achieving full gender equality, improving health services and getting every child into school. Now we must shift the world onto a sustainable path."  The page also provides a link to the final MDG report.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) followed the MDGs immediately. They expanded the number of main goals to 17, each with sub-goals, these are to be implemented by 2030. According to the UN's main SDG page ( "the Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all."

The Millennium Development Goals (MDG)
UN MDG Indicators-- This site permits the downloading of data for the MDG targets from 1990 to 2015 (

MDG Project Status-- A World Bank site that allows downloads of project status by indicator and country for the MDGs, including projections to 2030. For the latest progress report on the Millennium Development  Goals go to Country data for each of the indicators is available at Clicking on the "+" to the left of each of the goals listed on the page will list the targets for the particular goal. The individual indicators can be accessed by clicking on the "+" beside the targets. The World Bank and other UN organizations provide data on the MDGs.

UNDP--UNDP has also reported on the Millennium Development Goals and provides text reports at as well as links to the UN's country level database on the MDGs. This site provides downloads of each of the reports in pdf format plus data tables for the most recent report and a summary table by country for historical records.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Goals-- Many sites provide listings and descriptions to the SDGs. The main United Nations site is at

SDG Indicators--A proposed set of indicators was developed by a committee as part of the design of the programme-- a list and description of these indicators is at Following the approval of the SDGs a revised list of indicators was accepted by the General Assembly in July 2017 and is available at

SDG Tracking--The 2018 report on the Sustainable Development Goals is available at The Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) and the Bertelsmann Stiftung have produced a dashboard to track the progress of SDG implementation. The dashboard and an annual index are available at

Sustainable Development Goals Database-- The World Bank provides access to a variety of views of the data at

SDG Interlinkages Analysis & Visualisation Tool--The tool is designed to "enable the users to visualize the interlinkages, explore indicator-level data and compare SDG targets and among countries". The site is at


Our World in Data-- This website based at the University of Oxford provides a one stop shop for economic development data. The site has drawn data from a number of sources and presented consolidated files by topic. It is of particular interest to individuals involved in work on the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The site presents graphs and maps of recent data and provides for data downloads of time series data for a single topic in csv format. The site is available at .

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