Canadian First Nations

Mapping and generation of data from mapping for Canadian First Nations is one of the objectives of the Village Management project. Canada's federal and provincial governments provide data which is specific to the needs of these First Nations. A selection of data sources important for carrying out these analysis is provided here to facilitate the mapping and analysis.

The Canada Gazeteer provides lists of First Nations locations in Canada including latitude and longitude data. The data can be downloaded as a .csv or .shp file and is available by province and territory or for Canada as a whole. The information on First Nations is only a small part of the data available in these files.

A Canadian Government website also provides access to shapefiles of all First Nation treaty land agreements. The files are included as part of a large group of files of First Nations' data at First Nations Boundary Files. However, the boundary shapefiles themselves are available here. Select the "shp_eng" option for English languages files or "shp_fra" for French language files. Clicking on either of these links will bring up a list of individual shapefiles for provinces and territories.

A shapefile of Innuit settlement locations is available at Innuit Communities location.

A website describing the Innu communities in Labrador is available at Innu Communities..

The website of the Metis Nation of Canada,

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