Food Security
There are a large number of web sites dealing with nutrition/food, both in terms of human nutritional requirements, the nutritional composition of foods, food supply chains, food waste and food safety. Most of these sites contain data in one form or another, but often not in formats which can be used directly for linking to other data or including in GIS mapping. In some cases data is in the form of .pdf files, or in the case of nutritional composition of food, detailed data on individual food items which can be selected from a database. In the case of nutritional composition this is not unexpected, there are thousands of food items, raw and processed for which data is available. Food Balance Sheets (FBS) which estimate food available at the country level for the main foods and food groups are a key collection of data managed by FAO, and are , for example, the basis of some data in the Food Supply Chain section. After a hiatus of four years, in December of 2019 FAO separated the FBS data into two databases New Food Balances, which currently contains data for 2014 to 2017, and Food Balances (old methodology and population which includes data from 1961 to 2013. The relationship between the two will be explained in the Food Balance Sheets section. Links will also be provided to a revised section in the Using Data portion of thise site where suggestions will be given on linking data between the two FBS sites and calculating some reports currently not included in the New Food Balances site.
The links to data will be created under the following headings: 

Food Balance Sheets are a key collection of data managed by FAO.

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