Nutrition Data
There are a large number of web sites dealing with nutrition/food, both in terms of human nutritional requirements, the nutritional composition of foods, food supply chains, food waste and food safety. Most of these sites contain data in one form or another, but very few provide downloadable databases. In nearly all cases data is in the form of .pdf files, or in the case of nutritional composition of food, detailed data on individual food items selectable from a database. In the case of nutritional composition this is not unexpected, there are thousands of food items, raw and processed for which data is available and no file can contain them all. The links to data will be created under the following headings: 

World Food Programme (WFP) --WFP provides a daily and annual nutritional requirements estimate for a hypothetical adult at 2100 Kcal/day including estimated requirements of calories, protein, fat, iron, iodine, zinc and eight vitamins. The table can be printed or downloaded as a pdf file at

WFP, WHO, UNICEF, UNHCR: A 57-page manual "Food and Nutrition Needs in Emergencies" can be downloaded as a pdf or printed from the following link It was prepared by WFP, WHO, UNICEF and UNHCR and contains tables showing nutritional requirements by age and sex as well as the nutritional content of selected food aid commodities. It also provides examples of how to calculate emergency rations.

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