Trade Data

United Nations -- Data on the trade indicators related to the Millennium Development Goals is available at . The United Nations also has a Commodity Trade Statistics Data Base that allows the user to search for trade in selected commodities by country and by year (from 1962). The data base is at

World Bank -- The World Bank provides trade data in time series on its subscription data base  World Development Indicators data base as well as a dedicated trade site --World Integrated Trade Solution -- at which requires registration (free) for access to some of the data.

World Trade Organization (WTO) -- The WTO has a wealth of trade data on its website--international trade and tariff data is available at  .  Links include an interactive statistics database, downloads of the International Trade Statistics reports starting in 1998, tariff data and downloads of staff working papers.

UNCTAD -- Provides a variety of data and graphs on trade and related issues at as well as facilities to download data at

OECD-- Data on trade and a wide variety of other topics for the OECD countries is available at

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