Free Application Software

The site will provide links to software and other downloadable tools for managing and analyzing data. In due course we expect to test all of the referenced sites, but unless explicitly stated, the software will not have been tested. This section of the web site will be expanded in the future. The tools listed below are designed to work in Windows.

Dr. Ray C. Fair of Yale University on his web site provides two econometric models which can be downloaded for use on your own computer. The site at has a US Model and a multi-country model. The site also provides downloads (in pdf format) of articles and books written by Dr. Fair at .

EpiInfo (Windows Version) -- Epidemiologists and other public health and medical professionals can rapidly develop a questionnaire or form, customize the data entry process, and enter and analyze data. Epidemiological statistics, tables, graphs, and maps are produced with simple commands such as READ, FREQ, LIST, TABLES, GRAPH, and MAP. Epi Map displays geographic maps with data from Epi Info. font face="Times New Roman">This software provided by the US Center for Disease Control is available at .

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