Open Source and Free Software Applications

There is a wide range of open source software programs available for Linux operating systems--many of them also work on Windows and Apple operating systems. Many open source applications have interfaces and documentation available in multiple languages. There are also a significant number of free software applications available, mainly for Windows.

Open Source

Office Applications: There are three office applications loaded automatically with most Linux versions-- LibreOffice Writer, LibreOffice Calc and LibreOffice Impress, these three applications run under Linux, Windows or Apple operating systems and are rough equivalents for Microsoft Office's Word, Excel and PowerPoint. These three programmes make up the core of office based applications. Other office software, including other modules available for LibreOffice are also available. Links will be provided to the software and their official user manuals when available. To see more details on open source office applications click here. 

GIS Applications:
Also included in this group are Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Web Page development applications and databases. To see more details on open source GIS applications click here.

Other Applications: The only Internet application loaded automatically when the main Linux distributions are installed is the Firefox Web Browser. This web browser also operates in Windows and Apple. Other useful web and graphics applications will also be made available with links to the software and when available to training manuals.

"Free" Software

Free Software: No "free" software other than hardware drivers is normally loaded automatically with most Linux distributions and little if any run under Ubuntu or other Linux applications. There are however a number of these free applications which run (usually) under Windows. To see more details on "free" software click here.

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