John Guertin Gordon

John Gordon has more than 50 years experience working in and with developing countries. His experience has included working at all levels of international technical assistance as a consultant, resident adviser, project manager, programme manager and head of an NGO and an international programme providing technical assistance. Since 1984 he has concentrated on the practical application of information technology in developing countries in the fields of agriculture (concentrating on food security and safety), health (concentrating on HIV/AIDS), cleaner production, water and sanitation, WTO transparency and education. He is currently working on a project to integrate national, sub-national and OpenStreetMap data into models for identifying vulnerable countries and regions and to plan, manage and evaluate development activities in these regions. 

Work Experience



English and French fluent, Spanish good.

International Experience:

In addition to living and working in Canada he has lived and worked in the following countries : Malawi (2 years), Tanzania (2+ years), Liberia (4+ years), Swaziland (3 years), USA (5 years), Switzerland (4 years)and England (1 year). He has had assignments of one month or longer in Bolivia, Pakistan, India, China, the Philippines, Burundi, Rwanda, South Africa and Jordan as well as having short-term assignments in other countries in Asia (Bangladesh, Brunei, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia), Africa (Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Kenya, the Sudan),  and the Middle East (Egypt).


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