Belt and Road

The story of US/China rivalry changes day by day. It is clear that China is making a major effort to become the dominant global economic force. The main tool in China's quest for world leadership has been the Belt and Road initiative--which has seen China pursuing investment and construction activities, mostly trade and transportation related, with a multitude of countries. Although much has been written on this initiative, much of the data is not easily available. This topic will be elaborated on--however. a few links are given below.

China and Technology--On March 10, 2021 A New York Times story headlined "Xi's Gambit: China Plans for a World Without American Technology" ( reports that China is beefing up its tech industry "to become a superpower beholden to none."

The World Bank --The World Bank in a page dedicated to the Belt and Road initiative reports that the countries covered by the initiative are responsible for one third of world trade and GDP and 60 per cent of the worlds' population. The page contains a map of the major links covered by the initiative and a long list of links to studies and reports on various aspects of the initiative.

The Green Belt and Road Initiative Center lists 140 countries which have signed memorandums of understanding with China on the Belt and Road Initiative (

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