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Source of Codes-- The ISO defines country codes at --Downloads are available, but they must be purchased. The UN uses the three character country codes as the standard and provides a list of country names with three character country codes and three place numeric codes (formatted as text with leading 0s) at This file cannot be downloaded but it can be selected and copied to Excel-- the country names and three character country codes are reproduced correctly, but the three character numeric codes with leading 0s are converted to ordinary numbers (this is a common problem with downloading numbers in text format into Excel. In addition, the country names in the ISO code are all capital letters while those in the UN are upper and lower case and won't link easily with the all upper case characters of the ISO table. A third table is necessary to provide the linkages necessary to make up the ISO lookup table.  Wikipedia provides a copy of the ISO codes at which can be copied and downloaded directly to Excel.  By combining the three tables it it possible to prepare a look-up table with seven fields, which provide a range of options for linking with other database country tables.

The fields are:

ISOCountryUC: The country name in upper case (text field)
ISOCountryLC: The country name in lower case (text field)
IISOA2: The two character ISO Alpha code (text field)
IISOA3: The three character ISO Alpha code (text field)
IISON3: The three character ISO numeric code with preceding 0s (text field)
IISONA: The numeric code as a text number (text field)
IISUNN: The numberic code as a number (number field)

The first few records of the look-up table are shown below:

The look-up table can be downloaded as an Excel (.xls) spreadsheet here.
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