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The United Nations specifies the ISO numeric and alpha codes as their standard (see http://unstats.un.org/unsd/methods/m49/m49alpha.htm. ) although the spelling of country names is different from the ISO in 22 or so cases. The UN list can be selected and pasted into a spreadsheet. The actual practice varies from table to table with the UN, in some cases only the country name is available on data sheets in others the ISO 3 alpha code is included and in others the numeric code is included (although it is invariably translated from a 3 character text code to a regular number code without the leading 0s). The UN_LU table has been designed to deal with each of these cases.

Note that the UN data sites have links to sites from many other agencies and organizations which may or may not follow the UN code rules. Many of the UN sites are still pay for use, although the Population Division which provides data and projections necessary for much economic analysis free.

The UN_LU.xls table has the following fields:
UNCountryLC: The UN spelling of the country name in Upper and Lower case.
ISOCountryLC: The ISO spelling of the country name in Upper and Lower case.
ISOA3: The ISO three character country code.
ISON3: The ISO numeric country code--three text characters including preceding zeros.
ISOA2: The ISO two character country code.
ISONN: The ISO numeric country code as a number, no preceding zeros
ISONT: The ISO numeric country code as text but with no preceding zeros.
UNLDC:  The UN indicator code for Least Developed Countries (LDC)

The first few rows of the UN_LU table are shown below. 

To download the UN_LU look-up table which is in Excel (.xls) format click here .

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