UNAIDS produces time series time series data is the "HIV estimates with uncertainty bounds 1990 to 2011 " available at http://www.unaids.org/en/dataanalysis/knowyourepidemic/. The UNAIDS look-up table UNAIDS_LU has been prepared using the country and regional data from the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is not particularly user friendly in its existing form-- text and numeric characters are included in the same spreadsheet cells and the text characters have to be removed and the cells reformatted as numeric before the cells can be used for calculation.

A comparison of the country name spellings provided by UNAIDS and ISO show inconsistencies in the spelling of 14 country names.

The fields in the UNAIDS_LU table are:
UNAIDSCountryLC: The spelling of the UNAIDS country name.
ISOCountryLC: The spelling of the ISO country name.
UNAIDSRegion: The UNAIDS region.
ISO3A: The ISO three character country code.

The chart below shows the first few rows of the UNAIDS_LU lookup table.

To download the UNAIDS_LU look-up table which is in Excel (.xls) format click here.

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