UNDP Look Up

The design of the downloaded UNDP data file must be modified if it is to be linked at the country level using software to data from other organizations. There are three main issues 1) the spelling of country names is not always consistent with that used by ISO (13 of 185 countries), 2) The data files, when viewed online, include a miniature flag within the country name column, this flag is replaced by a leading  "hard space" in the spreadsheet downloads. The hard space is considered an integral part of the country name by database software, 3) UNDP no longer includes the ISO three character country code in the download file.

The simplest solution would simply be to include the ISO three character code in the download file, linking could then be carried out using the country codes instead of the country names. If for some reason it is necessary to use the country names the hard coded space can be removed from the country field by creating a new column and using the "TRIM" function to delete the space. The modified name should then be copied into a blank column using the "paste value" option in the spreadsheet. 

A look_up file which can be used to attached the three character ISO code to the appropriate country name has been created. The file has four fields: (1)hs_country (the UNDP country name preceded by a hard space; (2) Country (the UNDP country name with the hard space removed); 3) Country_ISO (the country name as presented by ISO; and ISOA3
The UNDP_LU file in .xls format can be downloaded here.
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