UNDP Look Up

There are several differences in the spelling of country names between the UNDP files and the ISO_LU standard--12 country names have alternate spellings.. The UNDP country name data was downloaded from the Human Development Indicators web pages at http://hdr.undp.org/en/data.

There are four fields in the UNDP_LU file:
ISOCountryLC: The lower case spelling of the ISO country name--includes the complete list of ISO countries
UNDPCountry: Includes the names of all the countries included in the Human Development Index table with the UNDP spellings.
ISOA3: The ISO Alpha3 country code for all of the ISO listed countries.
HDIRating: The country classification for all of the countries in the Human Development Index table.

A sample of the first few entries in the UNDP_LU table is shown below:

The UNDP_LU file in .xls format can be downloaded here.

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