US Census Bureau (USCB) Look Up

The US Census Bureau International Data Base. is a non-UN source of population estimates and projections at the country level. It provides both population data and projections and demographic indicators and projections. The downloadable data base is available at data/idb/informationGateway.php. Note--The USCB data includes a country-name but no regional codes.In addition the data base limits the quantity of data which can be downloaded with a single query--if data requirements are extensive they may require running several queries and combining the data in a second operation. Twenty-six of the country name spellings are not consistent with ISO spellings. In addition Kosovo is listed as a country separate from Serbia and The West Bank and Gaza are listed as separate entities as opposed to "Palestine, State of" by ISO. The lookup table does not provide codes for these three entities.

The look-up table USCB_LU is made up of three fields:
USCBCountryLC: The USCB country name spelling in upper and lower case.
ISOCountryLC: The ISO country name spelling in upper and lower case,
ISO_alpha3: The ISO 3 character alpha code.

The first few rows the the look-up table are shown below:

To download the USCB_LU look-up table which is in Excel (.xls) format click here .

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