WFP Look Up

WFP provides three different sources of data -- all three of which can be accessed from The overall system is known as the Food Aid Information System (FAIS).

The first set of data on nutritional requirements and the nutritional content of food is not defined at the country level--the data is available only as a pdf. file which would have to be converted or copied by hand before  the data can be used in calculations. (There are a number of free and commercial software applications which can be used to convert tables in pdf format to Excel.)

The second is the Individual Requirements Met on Average (IRMA) which allows reports on levels of nutrition to be developed for multiple countries for a single year. Although there is a reporting function for this database, it in not clear what standard the report is defined to. The easiest way of converting the report to a spreadsheet is to select all of the data then paste it into a spreadsheet. This seems to work with both Excel and LibreOffice Calc.

The third database-- quantity reporting--permits the creation of time series data for multiple countries, with reports both by recipient and by donor. This database also has a reporting facility. The easiest way of converting these reports is also to select all the material in the report, copy it and then paste it either to Excel or LibreOffice Calc. This database can be accessed directly at

Reports in WFP tend to be either by recipient country or donor. However there is an overlap between recipient and donor countries. In addition the reports list a number of countries which are not donors. The look-up table has been constructed with the country names in both the donor and recipient lists-- no attempt has been made to include non-national donors(including UN agencies/organizations). The look-up table consists of 189 countries of which 21 do not match the spelling in the ISO list.

The WFP_LU table has only three fields:
WFPCountryLC: The WFP country name in lower case.
ISOCountryLC: The ISO country name in lower case.
ISOA3: The ISO alpha three code.

A sample of the first few lines of the WFP_LU table is given below

To download the WFP_LU look-up table which is in Excel (.xls) format click here.

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