The Famine Early Warning Systems Network provides regular reports including, data, maps and shapefile downloads on food emergencies in selected countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The home page at http://fews.net provides regularly updated reports and maps of the food emergency status of selected countries. The data page at fews.net/data gives access to a number of database download options. Food Security Classification provides shapefiles of current emergency situations (although they often tend to lag the reports on the main page). This data can be downloaded by region or all of the current and historical data can be downloaded using Download All Data. There are also links to pages which house downloadable shapefiles of Administrative Boundaries and Livelihood Zones. There is also access to Remote Sensing Imagery and a spreadsheet of historical Staple Food Price Data.

The main page contains a link to SUBSCRIBE to regular reports on the food emergency status of the covered countries.

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