Downloading UN Population Division Data

UN Population Data: To access the UN Population spreadsheets and data base go to The access both the database and spreadsheets click on Online database which is under the main heading World Population Prospects (Population Division) This gives you access to a host of downloadable spreadsheets and the On-line database. To open the spreadsheets click on the descriptive label then click on the table name when the menu opens. There are two choices under the online database Population and Detailed Indicators. The population selection allows downloading of population and population density time-series data for up to five countries and four population variants, high, low, medium and constant. Data and projections are available for the period 1950 to 2100. The detailed indicators selection allows uploading of up to five indicators selected from a wide selection of demographic indicators. The same options as under population apply to variant and time-series. Note that the downloads are formatted as CSV (Coma Separated Value) files.

The downloading process creates a small window which allows the user to determine how to process the download either saving it or opening it in software the user can select--normally this will be a spreadsheet like Excel or LibreOffice Calc after which it can be save normally.  If the download is saved in Windows it will automatically go into the download directory in the User directory. If the data is saved using most Linux software the window will be opened and the user will be able to assign a name and a directory to which the file will be saved.

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