Downloading US Census Bureau International Data

Population Data: The main Census Bureau International Data Base at allows the user to specify parameters in five areas. The first is Select Report which offers a drop down menu of demographic indicators on which reports can be prepared. The second down is Years which allows the selection of one or more years (hold down control and click on the years you want to select). The third box is Aggregation Options which provides three options allowing you to select individual, aggregated or individual and aggregated country or regional data. The Select Country(ies) allows you to select one or more countries for the report (same process as Years to select more than one.) The Select Regions is two step. You first select one of UN, Legacy or Special Regions. Once you make the first selection a drop down list appears which allows you to make a more specific selection. You then click the Submit button. A table then appears at the bottom of which are two links Excel and CSV which allow you to choose the format for your data download.  For instructions on the file Save/Open popup click here.

The downloading process creates a small window which allows the user to determine how to process the download either saving it or opening it in software the user can select--normally this will be a spreadsheet like Excel or LibreCalc after which it can be save normally.  If the download is saved in Windows it will automatically go into the download directory in the User directory. If the data is saved using Ubuntu the window will be opened and the user will be able to assign a name and a directory to which the file will be saved.

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