Extraneous Character: UNDP

Correcting the extraneous character problem is straightforward in this case. There are only 5 steps required in this case.

1) Insert two new columns beside the column to be modified (new C and D).

2) In the new "C" column insert =TRIM(REF) where REF is the address of the text you want to change (in this example B3)

3)Copy the cell with the formula and Paste to all the cells in column C with country names.

4) Select all the changed cells in column C and copy and paste values (special, values) to the empty column D.

The table below shows the underlying table with the formula visible.

This table shows the table with the values visible.

5) The Column B and C can now be deleted. Remember to rename the new column B "country".

NB--If you are going to be using many of the tables in this section you might want to create a look up table of column B and D which can then be used as a lookup table using database software (link the data table to the lookup table using the data in column B and link the lookup table to the new data set using the revised country names in column D.

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