The main site for training on the Microsoft Office software is It is designed for Microsoft Office 2013 but should also be applicable for earlier versions at the basic levels.

The main website for information on the LibreOffice software is

Online Courses

There is a wealth of information and training material available on-line for open source and commercial software. Usually no more is necessary than a search using the name of the product itself or possibly a search for "product training". YouTube ( has a huge selection of video training material for most of the software-- all you normally need to do is search for the name of the product and "training" once you are in YouTube.

The links below give access to more general training in basic mathematics, sciences and other relevant topics.

Khan Academy: This is a potentially world changing site. The Khan Academy offers free access to thousands of short (about 10 minutes each) tutorials for academic subjects, many of which cover the full range of Kindergarten to first year university material. Much of the training material is available in up to 28 languages. Broad topics include mathematics, statistics, physics, chemistry, biology, cosmology and astronomy, economics, computer science,and history among others. The site also provides practice material and provides software for monitoring progress. The material is used for supplementary material in many schools and is even used as the basic curriculum in some. More information and free access to all material is available at The site requires access to the Internet with reasonable bandwidth. For areas which do not have inexpensive Internet access downloads of much of the English language material and a more limited selection of Spanish language material is available at which provides a download which fits on a USB thumb drive (16GB for the English material)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): MIT under its Open Course Ware programme offers access to material on more than 2,000 courses free online. The home page is at

Harvard University: Harvard offers access to selected courses. For more information go to

Stanford, University: Stanford University provides a selection of free courses online. For information on available courses go to

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