Sample Applications
Material is below on sample applications using downloaded data on a spreadsheet. These are provided simply as examples of some of the potential uses of the data and software.
Nutrition Requirements

Calculating nutrition requirements: This is a simple spreadsheet application to calculate nutrition requirements for a specific country using UN Population Division population data and World Food Programme estimates of nutritional requirements. The resulting estimates are then compared to the estimates of available food from FAO, Note that the calculation is an estimate of nutritional requirements-- calories, protein, fat and additional nutrients required for a healthy lifestyle-- it does not estimate demand for food, which is, among other things, dependent on population size, taste, disposable income, income distribution, etc.  In economics nutritional requirements would be termed a necessary condition-- you cannot have national food security unless all nutritional requirements at the national level are met.  However, just meeting nutritional requirements at the national level is not a sufficient condition which requires that every person have access to that food. Data in this model will be entered by hand--the emphasis is on using a spreadsheet to carry out the calculations, however, links will be provided for the data sources. To see the training material click here.

Population Pyramids

A number of web sites given instructions on building population pyramids with Excel.Googling "population pyramids excel" will bring up a selection. A small number of the sites is listed below. Note that there is little difference in the process of creating pyramids for the different versions of Excel although pyramids developed in Excel for Apple need a bit of tweaking. The pyramids require data in five-year cohorts by sex. Suitable data at the national, regional and global levels can be downloaded from the World Bank's HNP database (only to 2010) at , from the UN Population Division (1950 to 2050) at using the "detailed data" selection. The US Census Bureau provides information (1995-2050) at using Data Access option and the Age Groups tab.

Excel: For a step-by-step method for Excel, with perhaps more detailed instructions, go to .

LibreOffice Calc: There appears to be no easily accessible instructions on the web for creating population pyramids in LibreOffice Calc. A set of instructions has been prepared but they require a basic knowledge of working with spreadsheets. For the instructions for LibreOffice Calc click here

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