Working with Data

These pages will consider formatting downloaded data to be used in spreadsheets or databases; using data in spreadsheets including setting up calculations in open source spreadsheets, developing charts including population pyramids in spreadsheets, setting data up for use in databases and linking data tables in data bases, using word processing software and using presentation software. Although some information is given on downloading data, this section concentrates on already downloaded data. If you need information on the process of downloading, click here.

The sections on using software will provide hints on specific aspects of using the software which is being considered but this site has to assume that users have a basic knowledge of the software. If you do not have basic knowledge of a piece of software the following links should be of help.

The main site for training on the Microsoft Office software is It is designed for Microsoft Office 2013 but should also be applicable for earlier versions at the basic levels.

The main website for information on the LibreOffice software is

The content on the following pages is still being expanded.

Formatting data: For more details, including examples of converting cells with mixed text and numbers in spreadsheets into numbers click here.

Calculating in spreadsheets: For more details, including simple examples of using data from two or three sources in spreadsheets to develop analysis, in this case in the realm of nutrition, click here here .

Graphics in spreadsheets: For more details on using international data in spreadsheets to draw graphics click here

Making presentations: For more details click here

Using word processing software: For more details click here

Linking tables in databases: For more details click here

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