Making the Map

Once satellite imagery mapping has been carried out in OpenStreetMap it is possible to download the data and create maps of the area using QGIS, an open source GIS mapping program. QGIS has a huge variety of options, but building a basic map is relatively straightforward. Step by step instructions are being prepared for this website, but there is also much information available online.

The first step is to download and install QGIS. The link in References to the left "QGIS User Manuals" provides a link to information on downloading and using QGIS software.

The second step--although not always necessary--is to download an outline file for the country or area you will be mapping in QGIS. The second link in References "Outline Files" provides a link to websites which provide downloadable outline files for the world and individual countries, as well as maps which include administrative divisions within countries.

The third step is to download the data that has been mapped in OpenStreetMap. There are three sources of OpenStreetMap data--two of the sites require membership in OpenStreetMap while one does not.

The third link under "Modules" --"Step3 Data" outlines the steps necessary to use QGIS to extract data from the OSM data mapped in QGIS

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